“What an Excellent, Magical Evening!”
Reviewed August 23, 2016

This is in a room off the Mandolin Restaurant at the Radisson. It was so much fun for a great price. It's an intimate setting and the magician invites audience participation. You can order food and drinks from the restaurant 

Looking for something unique and magical to experience on a Saturday night?  Houdini's is that place! In our intimate seating of only 35 seats, you and your guests will see classic and modern magic performed, the way it was meant to- be up close and magical. Can find our hidden theater door inside Mandolin's restaurant at THE GRAND ORLANDO RESORT AT CELEBRATION

Tickets only $25.00 


Group Discount Avilable

Can you find the hidden theater?

“Hilarious magic show”
 Reviewed April 16, 2016

This was a great evening. The magician was hilarious. There wasn't a bad seat in the room and you could see everything no matter where you sat. The magician asked a lot of audience members to volunteer to help with the magic and everyone had a good time.

Houdini's is open Saturday nights at 8 pm. Our intimate 35-seat theater makes it a one-of-a-kind magical experience that you will remember for a lifetime.







Tel: +1-863- 307- 9400   Hours Saturday night 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Planning a private event? Got Questions? Contact Kim at 863-307-9400

email magic@ij.net


Hidden Theater

“This was so fun !!!”
Reviewed July 17, 2016

Show was in a secret door in Mandolins restaurant at the Radisson. It was very interactive and you can also order food and drinks while watching the show. There are only 35 seats so it was very 1 on 1 with the magician. We had a GREAT time!!!

Houdini's is held at a SECRET LOCATION inside THE GRAND ORLANDO RESORT AT CELEBRATION close to I4 look for a hidden theater door inside Mandolin's Restaurant